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What Does Interstate Car Transport Involve?

Written by on June 10, 2019 in Interstate, Movers, Relocation, Transport

Imagine buying your dream car but having it in a different state from where you currently live in.

While this may sound problematic at first, there are three options for you to bring your car to your hometown.

First, you can choose to drive your car all the way to your home state. But that is too much of a hassle, especially when you are busy with other things. Second, you can hire someone to drive it for you. But that can be too expensive, since you also have to pay the driver on top of the gas. After all, would you really want to have someone else drive your new car for that long? This is where the third option comes in, which is the interstate car transport. Interstate car transport is a service that moves your car from one state to another. People choose this option more compared to the previous two because of less hassle and more affordable rates.

Types of Transporters

Companies offering interstate car transport feature different ways of shipping your car. Take car transport Sydney to Melbourne for example, the most common and most affordable way of shipping your vehicle is through an open transporter. However, this option can expose your car to risks of damage while it is being transferred.

If you don’t want to take that risk, a closed carrier will be the best option. However, having your car transported through closed carriers will cost more. The price might double or even triple sometimes.

Delivery Location

Aside from the type of transporters, the delivery location is also involved in interstate car transport. You have two options here, too. The first option is the door-to-door service in which the company will deliver your car right at your doorstep. The second option involves the company dropping off your car at a designated nearby location, where you can eventually pick it up.


The last thing involved in interstate car transport is the insurance. As mandated by law, auto transport companies should provide insurance for the cars they transfer. However, not all companies provide full coverage, so it’s best if you get your car insured before you have it transported.

Looking to Compare Costs for Moving Your Car?

There are hundreds of car carrying companies across Australia and choosing the right one isn’t always an easy task. Many people find it difficult to go about finding a reliable transport company and to hand over the keys to your pride and joy can be a difficult process. Asking family and friends on their experiences in this can be highly beneficial, go online and get free interstate car transport estimates to understand the market costs and stay clear from cheap operators. If they sound too good to be true, they usually are.